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What started out as a hobby has evolved into a full time business, since 1989. Most of my concepts were born out of a need to make our lives organized and less stressful. My love of color and design has inspired our many creations. I work with American based companies for my raw materials used, and when you purchase from us you are part of keeping America working.

In addition, at checkout 10% of your purchase will go to one of FIVE charities that are important to me—you choose which one appeals to your heart.

Many customers ask, “Who is Jade?” That would be me. I’ve always loved that name and anything exotic or Asian. Some of my favorites: koi fish, bonsai, orchids, yoga, and Buddhas (I have over 36 in my collection, from 3” to 2′ in size).



My son Colin has been involved with the business his whole life. His awe-inspiring freehand artwork is used in many of my designs.

My partner of 24 years received a heart transplant December 8, 2012. He has had no rejection or other related problems, we are so blessed. I also wanted to thank everyone for their prayers during his life changing event.


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