On this eve of 2013 I choose to reflect on the many blessings I am grateful for.

My partner and best friend of 23 years has had no rejection or complications with his new transplanted heart. He is stronger now than
he has ever been. I truly appreciate how he takes care of me and he is a chef extraordinaire. At the end of the work day I look forward
to the meals he has prepared, I am one lucky lady.

Colin my youngest son continues to be an asset to Jades Menagerie, with our collaboration on design projects, and I always know when I
am out of town on business Jades is in good hands, no worries there.

My Grandson, Justin, known to many as the miracle boy, survived a fall on his head from three stories high. Doctors were not only surprised
he lived through it, but that he had no brain damage whatsoever. The original prognosis if he lived was years in therapy to learn to walk and
talk again. He came out of his coma talking and is back to work installing solar panels on rooftops.

The wild weather roller coaster this year did not effect me or my travels. Storms were always behind me or way ahead of me, as I traveled the
roads of the Midwest and east coast to my next art festival. The beauty and diversity of this great land of ours is amazing and I enjoy being
able to witness and experience it all on my travels.

And lastly I am grateful for my fans who have become my friends along the way. You have made it all worthwhile with your well wishes and
encouragement. Thank your so much.

May you all have a Blessed and Prosperous 2014!

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